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Sperms, the Loser of the Fertilization?

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★二億一庵  Sperms, the Loser of the Fertilization? ★

When you view the moment of fertilization under a microscope, you see a few hundred million sperms swimming toward only the ovum, and the only one among the sperms can meet the ovum. This is the fertilized ovum and then it makes an membrane and blocks off any other sperms.

On the other hand, the sperms that weren’t able to reach the ovum gather at a few areas and get ready for a festival as if they are saying "Eejanaika(meaning ‘It's all right!’ in Japanese)" and start dancing crazy.
"All right! All right! Losing to meet the ovum? That’s OK!"

It seems they are having fun very much. Even though they couldn't reach the ovum, they start their party for Eejanaika.
I used to think these sperms doing Eejanaika were losers and their "Eejanaika" was their last frenzy by these losers.
But recently, I’ve come to think the real loser is the sperm that reached the ovum.

’Isn’t dancing "Eejanaika" is more fun than becoming a human being,? Maybe, they know how much they would have to suffer when become a human-being and that’s why they don’t want to reach an ovum…” This is the way I’ve come to think.

Maybe, the fertilized sperm was forced to reach the ovum getting it’s leg pulled by the others. The sperm may have been the weakest amongst all the sperms that don't want to suffer by becoming a human being. The weakest sperms met the ova and now they are us. That’s why, we get desperate for doing "Eejanaika". Just once would be enough so I am desperate for dancing “Eejanaika”.
*”Eejanaika” The movement of frantic festivals or fuss and feathers organized by the public in 1867-1868 (The Edo Period) to demonstrate or have their voices heard.
★What is 'Nioku-ichian'?
・The Origin of 'Nioku-ichian'
'Nioku-ichian' is the name of the community that has been organized on the earth in 2007. In Japanese, '二億(nioku)' is 2 hundred million implying the average number of a human sperm in an ejaculation, and '一庵(ichian)’is a simple, plain temple implying an ovum. We, 'Nioku-ichian', wish that each of us can nomadically move around like a sperm and communicate with various people in various ways in various places all over the world. As a sperm that couldn’t join the ‘Eejanaika’, why don’t you join us to organize our own ‘Eejanaika’ and express yourself to have real fun?

★Organizing ‘Eejanaika’
Based on the theory of loser sperms, we would like to express our own Eejanaika that we couldn’t experience in a various way. Namely we are the group of sperms expressing our Eejanaika freely.

         ★The First Project of Eejanaika★   
In our first project, we would like to establish the brand of Nioku-ichian and we’ve already made our original T-shirt. The motif of the T-shirt design is a stark naked body as a symbol of human freedom and a sense of no possession. We are planning to sell the T-shirt in Japan and all over the world to make the world better.
★A Use of The Proceeds★
The proceeds generated by the sales of the T-shirt will be donated to a free school-cum-orphanage, ‘Aozora-Gakko (Aozora means open in the air, Gakko means School)’ in India.
The Aozora- Gakko is in Buddagaya of India where the lord Buddha was spiritually awakened. In this school, there are 111 students and 11 orphans who cannot afford to go to public school due to sever poverty in the region.
Buddagaya is the poorest place in the state of Bihar in India and the literacy rate is said to be less than 40%. The Aozora school has’t got any support from the government or whatsoever . It is managed by the locals, travelers and volunteers.
That said, in summer season, the Aozora school is very hard to be managed due to lack of travelers especially because of the fierce heat that sometimes reaches 50℃ and also a long-period of monsoon. Therefore the school needs continuous help through a year.
We are planning to donate our proceeds to the school generated by the sales of our original T-shirts for starters and then come up with the ways for the school to be self-managed.

subsracting the original cost of making the T-shirt from the price of the T-shirt will be donated to the school for the children's school expenses, foods and rent expenses. We wish that our T-shirts can help many children so that they can eat, study and laugh!!
Many thanks for your time to read a long text!
Contact us: kitou seishi+naoki shiga. Translator= kaneda-prof+furuya nobi.
Aozora school sujata village,bakrour,bodhgaya,gaya,bihar,India,pin824231


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